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VaneHD: 8 months ago
The front page is very cool, nice HTML skills.

IsS127: about 1 year ago
What ya guys think about the new homepage??

badbojus: about 1 year ago
sky is red, blood is green. IsS127 is cool.

Partydragen: about 1 year ago
so... who likes turtles here?

IsS127: about 1 year ago
I Like Turtles for no reason..



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Thank you for the contribution!
4 months ago


Good stuff friend, i wasn't at all trying to start any fights, or meaning to break the rules, i just simply had a few questions about the rules that made no sense and good friend BrightSkyz was nothing but angry about the whole situation and banned me for no reason. Could i be unbanned :)


May I get your discord name?
4 months ago


I was thinking the same thing. Sadly I looked into it and found that it was easier to do it this way than making a module for V1. I might be starting one for V2. If you want to cooperatrate I think we could make something pretty cool and useful.

V2 is much easier to do it with because v2 has a widgets system :)
8 months ago

1. Many use discord instead.
2. There was an incident that deleted a lot of posts.
9 months ago