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There were some bugs in pre release 1, I didn't realize it after like 2 weeks :P
Anyways, I released it a few days ago.
Get it here!
Anyone who has downloaded pre-1.1 this before 27th of August, please re-download!

  • Fixed sub command permission bug
  • Fixed Group sync OP permission bug
  • Fixed Update checker.
about 1 month ago

After a few months, It's finally here! What everyone has been waiting for.
The NamelessMC Plugin is finally out!
It works with NamelessMC 1.0.16 & up
Get it here!!

  • Custom Name commands
  • Register Command
  • Get User Command
  • Get Notifications Command
  • Report Command
  • Set group command
  • Group Sync (server -> website)(syncs on join)
  • Username Sync (syncs on join)
  • Messages.yml
  • PlaceHolders
  • Update Checker
  • Supports Bungeecord, Spigot.
4 months ago

V2 is in pre-release so it doesn't have the email setuped.
5 months ago

I dont really understand ur question?
6 months ago