Ariuw, ¿puedes escribirme al PM?


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2 months ago
Ban Appeal Addon

As B0x said, using the Tickets Module could be a great option, I am also working on one myself so you can also wait for that 👍

about 1 year ago
Cant Access the Templates Page

Could please show me how did you try to access the templates page?

What version are you using?
Did this happend before?

about 1 year ago

Can you please explain your issue? I can't understand your what's your point

over 3 years ago
[Translations] Updated Spanish Files.

Deberias de subirlo al GitHub, hacer un PR. Para que sea más facil subir las actualizaciones.

Otra cosa, user.php y admin.php ya fueron traducidas, ademas de recalcar que no sé si son del v1 o v2 jajaja. Saludos y gracias por ayudar!

over 3 years ago
Help with registration

I am sorry if I didn't understand but have you tried to use other minecraft account?