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over 5 years ago
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over 4 years ago
More punishments

If possible, can you add an update (or have it in pre7) where there are more user punishment options? Such options include, but are not limited to, Temp Forums Bans, Temp Forums IP Bans, Temp Bans (In general), Temp IP Bans (In general), Warning points (With a way so if a player gets a certain amount of points they get punished, and be able to set how long a point lasts for. A great example is Mineplex) (Sorry if you didn't want me saying that), Infractions similar to NamelessMC v1 (If a user is punished on there with a warning for example, with litebans and the database, would it be possible for the warning to be given in game and vise versa? If so, please do it. I think lots of people will be happy about that), Rules and FAQ (Not like the modules. Another example is Mineplex yet again), a way for a user to see their past punishments, a way for other members of the site to see if a user is punished (For example, it says "BANNED" or "IP-BANNED" or something similar). Myself, and I am sure there are lots of other users that would like to see this in the next NamelessMC pre version or version. I, for a fact, would be EXTREMELY happy, as then all the stuff I need/want my website to have, is there! I know you have lots of other, more important stuff to work on, but please, Samerton, if you are the one reading this, please try to add this. It will make my day, which is currently pretty shitty because I had to report that my current domain hoster is abusing because they aren't changing my nameservers because they know I want to change hosters. :/

Anyway, thank you for reading this, and like I say a lot in this, please pleaseĀ PLEASE take this into consideration.

Thank you for your time,


over 4 years ago
[v2 Module Request] Infractions modules similar to Version 1

Hi! I am looking to see if someone has or would kindly make a infractions module for v2 pre6. I would be very happy if you can, and if you can please let me know. For me, it needs to have litebans support. Thank you!

over 5 years ago
[v2] PermissionEx Module

Any updates?

over 5 years ago
[v2 Module Request] Infraction Module like v1

Hello! Would one of the amazing members of this community be so kind as to develop a infraction module like v1? If possible, please add more features, and also try and add more plugins that are supported? I will be very happy if someone makes this, as long as it works well. Thank you!