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Hi, I like pie.

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To remove this field you will need to navigate to your register.php file and remove the highlighted code here .

Let me know if that works out for ya!
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Do you want to turn off the birthday part of the registration?
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Hey yo, Guys!

Just about a week ago NamelessMC partnered with getBukkit!

getBukkit is a Minecraft server mirror for setting up a server on a local host or a hosted server.

They offer Bukkit, Spigot, and Vanilla!

Now if you ask me I think they are offering a lot for the community!

So share some of that love that you have for Nameless over on Their Website!

And as always, Stay blocky!  

Ps. I am aware of how cheesy that sounded but it's a way to end on a good note! :)

about 1 year ago

Hello Guys!

Im just here to lay down some reminders.

We have noticed some users have been posting issues in General Discussion.

Please do NOT post any issues in General discussion.

All Problems/Issues can be posted in the Issues Thread.

about 1 year ago