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4 days ago
Can't install modules

If I try to install it nothing happens. It's like it wasn't there.

But, just to be sure,

To install a module I have to put the contents of the upload folder into the installation folder, right?

(In my case /var/www/html/core/installation/)

I have also tried to put the files into the /var/www/html/modules/ folder.

4 days ago
Can't install modules

It could be that I'm doing something wrong.


I've been using Nameless v2 pre-release7 for a few days and tried to install the Forms module for 

pre-release 6, but it doesn't appear. Isn't the API of these 2 releases the same? 


I would be very happy about help. ^^


PS: Sorry for my english. I'm from Germany :P


EDIT: I have also tried to activate Legacy Mode and clicked on the Install Modules button.