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7 days ago
100$ via Paypal to make my website working

If you are okay with spending money, why not pay someone else do host the server and do the installation for you? by Partydragen and by me provide this experience.

Or, if you still want to host it yourself, I'd recommend using our docker images for easy setup.

If this is not about webserver setup, please provide more information about your issues as cpk said as well

about 1 month ago
Change Email Layout

You can edit these in /custom/templates/*/email

about 1 month ago

It looks like you want username verification, why not use the spigot plugin to do this?

about 1 month ago
Image going past the white box

By editing the HTML and adding `width` or `max-width` you can probably fix this, but ideally the website should have `max-width` on images by default.