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Hey Samerton!

Wow your good! It was the Problem with the php-curl extension. But i used on debian the command apt-get install php5-curl with your command its doesn't work. So this Problem is Solved Nice thank you!

Thank you for sending the Instructions for Upgrade, too!

But one more Question i Have.
You say some Addons are Missing so is there more missing, more other things missing?
Would you advise to upgrade or wait some month?

Kind Regards Robin a.k.a Firaman3D
9 days ago

Hello Nameless Team,

You see my question in the title bar, but now once again right.
At the moment i have the problem on my Webpage that my users can not get regestration.
So now i have look for some Issues and Forums but dont find an Solution.
But Now i Know Nameless V2 is out. So i want to Try, here my question:

Can I Upgrade my Version 1 to Version 2 without loosing my Datas on the Webpage?

So that i can implement my Stuff in the new Version.

My Website i Hope i can Post it without become any Trouble. If it is a Problem so Excuse me!
Can it be after Upgrade Like before but have more Features?

Maybe you have an Idea why i can not make an Regestration? Maybe Not

Thanks for your Support and good Work!

So i hope i dont get on nerves and you can help me.
PS: Sry for my Bad Grammar and English Skills

Kind Regards Robin a.k.a Firaman3D
11 days ago

This is a pity
But Thank you for reply!

Best Regards
8 months ago

So Hey namelessmc Team again

so today i have the problem i want to make a iframe on a Forum Page. My html code:
<#iframe src="" width="700" height="520" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Wird geladen...<#/iframe>
The "#" in the iframes i have add to show on this page my Raw code

The Problem is that the iframe dont be build.
So how can i put a iframe on a Forum Page?

Best Regards Robin L. a.k.a Firaman3D
8 months ago

Ja es lag tats├Ąchlich an dem Google Analystics Modul

Vielen Dank!
8 months ago