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over 3 years ago
[Request] Advertisement Ads

Something kind of like MC-market to display ads on the side and on top of the website. I am willing to work with the developer for this module. If you need anymore info on this please feel free to add my discord Absentplays#9494

over 3 years ago
How to turn a local image into a image url???

follow the path, EX: If you uploaded a picture in the main directory called banner.png it would show up at: <-- that isnt real link, just giving the idea of it..

over 3 years ago
KitBattle Web staff module

I was looking around and see modules for tebex, craftingstore and etc. I suggest a module for Kitbattle Web stats found here. This goes for the plugin KitBattle.

over 3 years ago
Player statistics module

@m_viper, if its for kitpvp. I would like to suggestion for the web stats and for plugin, its $11 but worth it

over 3 years ago
Discord to Website Integration

Thought about this over and over. What if we had a intergration from discord to website. Meaning that ranks would be synced. Instead of always having to set everyone's ranks.


Thank You

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