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about 1 year ago
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10 months ago
Remove someone links of nav


I would like to remove some menu items but I have only found the option to change the order of a few of them and nothing else.

Apreciate help.

about 1 year ago
Interesting SEO features for search engine optimization


I have recently installed NamelessMC and I see that some features would be very interesting for SEO.

  1. Being able to change the URLS example: to
  2. Add the possibility to change the title for each page, currently you can only change the description and add keywords (keywords are obsolete in SEO).
  3. Ability to put "no index / index" per page.
  4. Possibility to add attributes to internal and outgoing links "no follow, follow, ugc, sponsored, _blank, etc...".
  5. Ability to create a sitemap of images
  6. Add Blog Module
  7. Currently you can only add the Google Analytics tracking code, it would be interesting to enable a section where you can place the code of Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, etc...
  8. Possibility to add structured data per page
  9. Management of redirects and response codes "404, 410, 301, 302, etc...".
  10. Possibility of translation of the top and bottom menu.

It is a good job, and I hope that we can all contribute our knowledge to this project.


SEO Consultant