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8 days ago
My Ideas

Reorganize account area, and add Security Keys as a 2FA option? Kinda like Discord's keys

17 days ago
My Ideas

Another one: 

  • Show when other users are typing a reply in a thread, similar to chat applications.


17 days ago
My Ideas

Flagging System: Introducing a flagging system allows users to report inappropriate or concerning content to administrators. Here's how it could work:

  • Users have the option to flag messages, forum posts, or other content.
  • Flagged content is sent to a dedicated page in the admin panel for review.
  • Administrators can take appropriate actions, such as deleting or moderating the flagged content.
  • Optionally, administrators can configure a webhook to receive notifications about new reports, ensuring timely moderation.


Polls and Surveys Integration: Adding the ability to create polls and surveys directly within messages enriches communication and engagement. Here's how it could function:

  • Users can include polls or surveys within their messages using a simple markup or integrated UI.
  • Polls can have multiple-choice questions with customizable options.
  • Surveys allow for more extensive questioning, with various types of response formats (e.g., multiple-choice, open-ended).
  • Results of polls and surveys can be displayed either in real-time or after a specified duration, encouraging participation and providing valuable insights.


Implementing these features would enhance user interaction, content moderation, and community engagement within NamelessMC, aligning it more closely with platforms like Discourse.

9 months ago
Dropdowns Broken and Other Issues


9 months ago
Dropdowns Broken and Other Issues

On my website, (click) Kingdom SMP, the dropdown for More Pages does not work and if you click on your username when logged in, it does not work.