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4 months ago
Migrating website

So the host I am currently using has had multiple issues in the past few months and I want to migrate my website to a new host. I have transfered the website files to the new host and setup a conenction with a new mysql database but it appears I need to transfer the data from the old mysql over to the new one.

Is still have access to my old host and the database but I dont know how to transfer it. I am not good a using mysql. Please help.

7 months ago
Question about home page

Thank you for this, I would have completely missed that option otherwise!

7 months ago
Question about home page

I am using NamelessMC version 2.0.0-pr6

Currently my websites home page looks like this

I am new to using nameless and I was wondering if there was a way to get my home page to look something similar to this

Basically I want to make the 'Latest Posts' tab bigger and move it over to the left and everything above it I would like to move to the far right.

Is it possible for me to do this? If so how would I do it?

if there is any more info you need please ask for it.

8 months ago
Locked out of admin account while in maintenance mode

I have recently started using NamelessMC and I put my own site online so when it is finished people can access it, I also turned on maintenenace mode because I wanted to experiment. Well I forgot to turn it off. and now i am logged out of my admin/root account and I do not know the password for it and since maintenance mode is enabled I can not create a new account or use 'forgot password'. I have tried to turn off maintenance mode in phpmyadmin and it has been 10 minutes, I restarted the website 3 times and it has not turned off.

Is there anything I can do to turn off maintenance mode or reset my admin password?