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Like an events module with high customizablity?
Will be cool to make addon about contests, where you can make contests in server, website or smthing.
And will be cool to make coins system, with coins you can buy something in server :).
2 days ago

When posting replies to an old thread, you'll receive a warning such as "This thread is over 1 month old, are you sure to want to post here?" like the one on SpigotMC. Of course the message will be customizable and can be disabled / enabled.
20 days ago

When you create a forum category, you add permissions to the category. If I'm creating a forum inside a category, why not default it to the category permissions. I don't like having to input the same permissions every time I create a new forum inside a category.

Why not just default to the parent forum's permissions and you can change it from there?
22 days ago

I love softaculous even with everything wrong with it because it is soooo easy to use, I really think it'd be cool just to have an easy Nameless install instead of going through the hassle of installing it normally. I know it's not too hard to install nameless the normal way but it'd be a lot more convenient if it was on softaculous.

23 days ago

Ability to add these little boxes maybe depending on if you've bought a buycraft rank? :)
Maybe add some buycraft integration here. 

Or just a messages box telling you how many followers / friends / messages you have (configurable), you're minecraft avatar along with the custom one (won't show if you're using default profile pic)

The box around the profile pic, nameless can give you image specifications on where the border should be and how big the image should be.

Maybe there should be a badges option so people can be awarded badges for how many messages they have sent, or how many followers they have.

I really hope this helps. :) Thanks
23 days ago