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    This could be integrated into the NamelessMC plugin. Your suggestion is structured really well in the way that it would be on the play page and it wouldn't be too hard (I assume) for the developers to integrate this considering they have all the variables necessary. Though this would mean site could only use MC names, no custom names.
3 months ago

Reply to Community Tab:
    I truly think this is a good idea, maybe not a tab, but like a page with just a place where people can do what you said above. Lot's of features could fit into it. pray
Reply to Application/Ban Appeal Viewing:
The module you use for applications and ban appeals won't be updated, I can assure that 99%, @Partydragen (please work mention) is developing a forms module and maybe he could integrate a feature where the form is posted as a forum thread for people to view.

I don't think the staff are going to end v1 support any time soon considering how many people use it thumbsup

I'm also those parts though I moved when I was young and forgot Serbian grinning 
3 months ago

I think it'd be a better fit for a module, if somebody is willing to develop it, it shouldn't be too hard as all you'd need would be a Discord bot and a module, for more convenience, the could both use JS.
3 months ago

This could be added through a Smarty variable in the template, but Samerton told me there is only an existing variable for when a post is edited, and not thread itself, though he said he'd add it. thumbsup
4 months ago
vs. (this one holds the bug)

I'm pretty sure these 2 pages should be identical since they have the same use, but one is just nested in itself.
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