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vs. (this one holds the bug)

I'm pretty sure these 2 pages should be identical since they have the same use, but one is just nested in itself.
10 hours ago

  1. Allow drafting of threads so you can add to, edit and publish later.
  2. Allow for logging in with EITHER email or username.
  3. Make adding emojis to a thread a lot faster as it takes up to 5 seconds (sometimes) for the menu to load, and allow me to press ESC to leave the emoji menu.
  4. Add BBCode to the text editor, thought HTML allows more functionality than BBCode generally does, something like huggle is only compatible with BBCode and I'm assuming a lot of other text applications only support BBCode too.
  5. Maybe allow for Smarty templating and PHP templating like it was in v1.
10 hours ago

I think the point of the "Web Features Request" forum is exactly this, this thread has no use. grinning
12 days ago

If you aren't currently aware, Partydragen is developing a forums module for v2. I hope those suggested features listed above will be added into the module. grinning
24 days ago

Like an events module with high customizablity?
Will be cool to make addon about contests, where you can make contests in server, website or smthing.
And will be cool to make coins system, with coins you can buy something in server :).
2 months ago