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10 months ago
Google Analytics gtag.js

EDIT: My bad, your suggestion fixed it. I forgot I had tracking blockers enabled, tried a different browser on a whim and it worked just fine. Thanks for your help!

That got rid of the Smarty Compiler error, but it still doesn't seem to be tracking. This might be getting more into Google territory now, unless you can think of anything else? I tried both /custom/templates/Default/header.tpl and /custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/header.tpl, neither showed any traffic in Analytics. Here's what I have for the DefaultRevamp header file (ID is blocked out as #####), if you're able to notice anything obviously wrong.

EDIT: Having trouble with the code snippet tool, so here's a Pastebin instead:

10 months ago
Google Analytics gtag.js

I am running v2-pre6, and am trying to add the Google Analytics gtag.js script to my headers... I found the question asked a while ago here -- -- but when I put the script into my /custom/templates/DefaultRevamp/header.tpl, I get a Smarty Compiler error on the website related to the script. Changing the /Default/header.tpl doesn't do anything.

I assume I'm pasting it into the wrong part of the file -- where should the gtag.js script be added to avoid throwing an error?

Thanks for any help you can give! Apologies in advance if it's a simple fix I overlooked.

11 months ago
Remove "Status" page from navbar?

Thank you! Can't believe I missed that.

11 months ago
Remove "Status" page from navbar?

Hello -- I am running v2-pre6 and am trying to locate the correct file to remove the "status" page from the navbar. It looks like it's one of the default pages associated with a linked Minecraft server, and I don't see a way to remove it from the navbar page in the Admin CP. I assume I need to edit one of the template files, but am having trouble locating the correct one.

Much appreciated if you can point me in the right direction!