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about 1 month ago
Can't post topics in the forum

Check if the rank you have can see that section in the Forums tab

2 months ago
McAssoc isn't in my StaffCP

I was told that I could enanble McAssoc thru Integrations // Minecraft // Minecraft Account Verification,, but the only thing I can see there is Force Premium Accounts. Please Help. Is this feature disabled in Nameless Hosting?


P.S IDK what the text from the bottom is, ignore it

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3 months ago
index.html isn't found

Hey, I got this error when starting my Nameless site. I have never used a website program without a web builder, so can someone please help? Thanks

4 months ago
Disable typing in your Minecraft IGN on sign up


You can disable Enable nicknames for registering users? in the StaffCP -> Configuration -> General Settings tab, and then disable Force premium Minecraft accounts? in the StaffCP -> Integrations -> Minecraft -> Account Verification tab

Doesn't work, it still asks for the Minecraft Username

4 months ago
Staff Applicaltion module

Use the Forms Module