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9 months ago
Can't post topics in the forum

Check if the rank you have can see that section in the Forums tab

9 months ago
McAssoc isn't in my StaffCP

I was told that I could enanble McAssoc thru Integrations // Minecraft // Minecraft Account Verification,, but the only thing I can see there is Force Premium Accounts. Please Help. Is this feature disabled in Nameless Hosting?


P.S IDK what the text from the bottom is, ignore it

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10 months ago
index.html isn't found

Hey, I got this error when starting my Nameless site. I have never used a website program without a web builder, so can someone please help? Thanks

11 months ago
Disable typing in your Minecraft IGN on sign up


You can disable Enable nicknames for registering users? in the StaffCP -> Configuration -> General Settings tab, and then disable Force premium Minecraft accounts? in the StaffCP -> Integrations -> Minecraft -> Account Verification tab

Doesn't work, it still asks for the Minecraft Username

11 months ago
Staff Applicaltion module

Use the Forms Module