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over 3 years ago
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over 2 years ago
Request for 2 custom page or addon



I'm looking for someone who can develop 2 custom pages for my nameless site.


it would have a custom page for statistics (kill kd top money top faction..


On this page you just have to assemble the table in the page and everything that will be related to our db I will put you in contact with the dev of my Minecraft server


For the other page, it would be a statistics page on bans, the same as the other, you set up a custom table and the same as the other, we will give you the code that allows you to retrieve the information from our Database.


I would pay the person who wants to help me do this.


Contact me by discord: Perzival#2319


My private messages are open :)

over 3 years ago
RCON for minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock Edition)

Hello, would it be possible to make a future update that would support Pocket Edition's Rcon because for the moment no minecraft CMS offers this option and this is what is missing on Minecraft Bedrock Edition so that it can have lots of people who use cms mc


Because for the moment the only compatible site is CraftingStore but we cannot make a complete site with it so if you can add the possibility of supporting Minecraft Pocket Edition it would be great!


Software links often used on mcpe to make a server:

Other software but under java:



I have a site under the NamelessMc CMS and I want to link it in Rcon with my Minecraft Pocket edition server!


My site:



Thank you so much !