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6 months ago
NamelessMC Group Style

Certainly, the idea of a new feature for NamelessMC that would completely change the perspectives would be the addition of custom prefixes for the different ranks. Imagine having the option to set a customizable HEX for the area code badge, thus opening countless doors of creativity for users. This would mean that users could ditch Bootstrap's standard badges and uniquely customize their prefix with their favorite colors.

This functionality would give the community a more pronounced visual identity and give users the ability to customize their experience based on individual preferences. Think of the creative freedom that having colorful and stylistically tailored badges for each rank would bring.

In addition to this, it would be a great idea to also add the option to attach an image to each rank. For example, instead of just showing the title "Moderator", users could choose their own artwork or image to customize the appearance of their rank. This functionality would add a touch of originality and individuality, which would further strengthen the identity of each community member.

What do you think about this?

8 months ago


Download the template and upload it to: custom/templates/

After uploading, go to the page in the picture and click on the Install button.

about 1 year ago

Hi! đź‘‹
As far as I know the only possibility is by activating a widget. For activation you need to go to: Layout > Widgets and activate the "Online Users" widget.

about 1 year ago
Why is it popping up with "Translation file not found"?

If you can leave a picture of the problem you are experiencing?

Thank you!

about 1 year ago
How can i add tab icon my namelessmc & how can i add title

To change the icon on the site you need to login to the administrator panel and access the following pages: Layout > Images and upload icon in Favicon section.

And the website title thing needs to be answered for sure by someone who knows better than me.

If you have any other questions, please send me a private message on the website.