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about 1 month ago
How can I edit the translation

The translation must be modified from the template files. You just have to look carefully.

about 1 month ago
Dark Mode on the editor

I do not have advanced experience in web development, but from what I noticed that text box cannot be modified. If I'm wrong, please let me know 😄

2 months ago
Group color change

Hello! So...

For first time you need to login in StaffCP and find Groups button in menu. Create a new group and find "Group Username Colour". 

From here, you can select what color you want using HEX codes.

I hope you found these instructions useful.

2 months ago
Unable to install modules

HTTP ERROR 500 is from your PHP version. Make sure you have selected PHP 7.4 or newest.

3 months ago
"Avatar settings updated successfully."

Yes. I use NamelessMC v2.0-pr12 and I have tha latest version of Lithium template by Xemah. I will try to reinstall template.