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5 months ago

Hi! 👋
As far as I know the only possibility is by activating a widget. For activation you need to go to: Layout > Widgets and activate the "Online Users" widget.

6 months ago
Why is it popping up with "Translation file not found"?

If you can leave a picture of the problem you are experiencing?

Thank you!

6 months ago
How can i add tab icon my namelessmc & how can i add title

To change the icon on the site you need to login to the administrator panel and access the following pages: Layout > Images and upload icon in Favicon section.

And the website title thing needs to be answered for sure by someone who knows better than me.

If you have any other questions, please send me a private message on the website.

6 months ago
How to install NamelessMC v2.0 - Tutorial for beginners

Hello everyone! 👋

UPDATE! For a simple use of NamelessMC you can download and upload to webhost only the archive.

As a web resource creator using NamelessMC as the default platform on the site, I often get questions about how to install NamelessMC. Today I thought I would show you the necessary steps to install the platform and answer some questions I often get. First we need to download NamelessMC and Nameless-deeps-dist from the official source. Click here for download.

After downloading the necessary archives, they need to be uploaded to our webhost. First upload and unzip to your webhost. After that, in the files removed from the archive you need to load and unzip it there. Just like in the pictures below.

   1.1 All downloaded archives

  1.2 Files extracted from archives

Once we have extracted all the files from the archive we can access our website. If the steps have been followed properly, when we access the site we should be presented with the installation setup.

Now we can proceed with the installation. In step 3 we can activate friendly url ONLY if we have the .htaccess file loaded on the webhost.

Step 4 The database can be created from the control panel provided by the hosting provider. Don't forget to check all privileges for the database. Just like in the images below.

After we have created the database, we can put the data into the fields in the setup.

In step 5 (site configuration) we enter the contact details and name of our site. After that we can create our administrator account and continue with the configuration. In step 7 we select the "No" button and move on. After which we can enjoy the NamelessMC platform installed on our site.

Questions and answers. 📂

1. Friendly URLs do not work. What are they doing?
    R: In this case, we need to make sure that the .htaccess file has been uploaded. If not, they will not work.

2. How do I install modules?
    R: Modules can be downloaded from the official NamelessMC marketplace and uploaded to the modules file in NamelessMC. Then in the administrator panel go to the Modules tab, press the big blue Install button and the modules will be displayed.

This post is being continually updated. If you have other questions, you can leave them in a reply to this post or on my Discord server (Click here to join). I am also waiting for you on my website if you have other problems (Click here).


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8 months ago
News Control Panel

You can post news on homepage via Forum module.

For first time you need to create a forum from StaffCP and be sure that you check the "Display topics as news on front page?" like image down below.

After that, all topics from the forum will be on home page.