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1 day ago
News Control Panel

You can post news on homepage via Forum module.

For first time you need to create a forum from StaffCP and be sure that you check the "Display topics as news on front page?" like image down below.

After that, all topics from the forum will be on home page.

1 day ago
Unable to install modules

Hmm... If you have cPanel, go to MultiPHP Manager, select your domain and php 7.4.

1. Go to MultiPHP Manager

2. Select your domains who run NamelessMC.

3. After that, select PHP 7.4 and click Apply.

After that, go to your website and press F5 or Ctrl+R. If you have problems after that, repply here or leave me a private message here on website.

14 days ago
Unable to install modules


how can I update my website's php?


From your website control panel you can change your php version.

In cPanel go to Software Category and find MultiPHP Manager to change your php version.

If you need to install an extension for php, contact your hosting provider for that. (ex: PHP cURL - That need to be installed by your hosting provider.)

4 months ago
Version 2.0.0 Pre-Release 13

Thanks for this new update! I wish you a lot of success and as many users of the platform as possible! 😃

7 months ago
How to set the fourms icon?

To add a forum icon, you must use Font Awesome. For example, you can add icon box .
You can also size the icon using the following code (eg)  to set 2x size.

Here you can find all links:
FontAwesome: Click Here
Icon Size: Click Here

 I hope I was able to help you!