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5 days ago
Problem with adding a resource

Hi! Can you show a picture with the error and new resource page? 

11 days ago
Version 2.0.0 Pre-Release 12

Thanks for this new update! <3

3 months ago
I have a problem with Minecraft Integration!

Same problem. Probably is bug. I know tat is work in Nameless 2.0.0-pr9. Probably will be fixed in next version.

about 1 year ago
NamelessMC does not work

Hi! I installed NamelessMC on my site to make a small forum for a future server. The installation worked perfectly, but the site does not show me anything. It displays a white page... I specify that it is version 1.0, because 2.0 after installation displays error 404.


If you have any idea why it doesn't work, I'm waiting for an answer.