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about 1 year ago
Unknown API error: nameless:missing_api_key

This issue often occurs when the Authorization header is removed for some reason during the request.


If you are using a webhost, try contacting their support and explaining that the Authorization header got removed when requesting your sites API.


I can also suggest updating to the latest version of the NamelessMC plugin. You can find that one here:

If you continue to encounter issues, it would help out if you join our official Discord. We can provide support a lot quicker and easier in there. You can join it here:

Best regards,


over 2 years ago
NamelessMC not working for me?


Make sure you set path to "" (nothing) in core/config.php when installing!

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over 2 years ago
"Avatar settings updated successfully."

Hey Horatiu,

A few quick things to check:

- Are you using the latest namelessmc version (pr-12 at the time of writing this)

- Does your panel template support your namelessmc version?

If you continue to have issues, join the namelessmc discord server to get further support. We can help you out a lot easier in there!

Best regards,


over 2 years ago
The database does not work

Please use V2 pr12. The V1 installation is no longer supported. It displays as recommended but is genuinely discontinued. Use V2 instead.