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over 2 years ago
NavBar Customization

I do want to add that I don't have an issue with this per ay, I make all my changes and customization by hand due to my community's needs and needing very specific functions to which my team works on adding. 
But I do want to help the progression of the CMS by at least chipping these ideas in as "Food for thought".

over 2 years ago
NavBar Customization

I've seen this question on Discord a LOT, ""How can I change home buttons location when you click on it""
Of course this has been worded in many ways.

I use the portal the root page to which I expect new users to land on and click some buttons to then actually hit the real home location, the issue was that when you click the default home button, it takes you back to the portal page when it should simply take you to the true home page as if you were not using the portal page option. 
I did notice a lack of being able to change navbar button link locations to which if I wanted to make a navbar button to simply redirect you, I don't currently see that as a possibility without knowing some coding knowledge to hand change that yourself and reapplying it when you update your Nameless CMS.

TL;DR The suggestion ->>
Add an option in "General Settings" to apply a custom link or web location for the "Home" button.
In general, apply a graceful way to have custom buttons in the navbar but my main suggestion is the home button suggestion.