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7 months ago
"Term by not set" at user's tag.

Haha, it's me again.

This time I have another question.

Since we installed and reinstalled our forums, I noticed that beside the user's name, there's a text that says "Term by not set". (Red circles)

I am wondering if this is some kind of error, or something that I can solve, and change at de Control Panel.

I tried changing the template, and even usen the default template it happens.


9 months ago

No. But I have  a question... does it matter if we don't have the ssl certification?. Bc when I open de javascript console there's an error in the notification API

9 months ago

No, actually all of us have this problem. I asked to some users and staff and it stills the same.
The notifications doesn't appear as a "pull-up".
Anyways, we thank your help in our problem :)

9 months ago

Well, we tried with Internet Explorer and Mozzilla Firefox and nothing changed.

9 months ago

Ok, I did