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about 1 year ago
Rewards Plugin (Complex)

Hey, if someone is willing to develop something like this, DM me to my discord (-nimbus321#4194), I'm very interested in something like this.

over 2 years ago
Can't connect to Auth Database

When trying to register it pops up an error saying that it can't connect to the database of AuthMe. It doesn't specify what happened or what kind of error is, so I don't have any clue of what is happening.

- All the credentials are correct (checked multiple times)

- The IP of the nameless page is allowed to access the database

- The user has all privileges

- This is killing me, pls help


Also, is there any way that I can see if the query is actually sent to the database and maybe see the errors? This would be very helpful.

over 2 years ago
uuid samrty variable on profile page


over 2 years ago
uuid samrty variable on profile page

Just in case I'd like to note that the UUID of the player viewing the page is not the same as the player's profile

over 2 years ago
uuid samrty variable on profile page

Hi, I'm very new to the world of smarty and how to use it. I just need a smarty variable of the UUID of the player's profile accessible on the profile template, I know that the php that assigns the values on that page is modules/Core/pages/profile.php

        'ProfilePlayerUuid' => XXXXX,
        'NICKNAME' => $profile_user->getDisplayname(true),
        'USERNAME' => $profile_user->getDisplayname(),

I don't know all the infrastructure of nameless (and don't know much of smarty nether), so the question is, what exactly would I need to put on "XXXXX" to search for the player's profile UUID?

I really hope this is possible, and thanks for the answer in advance!