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over 6 years ago
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over 5 years ago
Add avatar frame

It match the code
(only CKEDITOR.config.disableNativeSpellChecker = false; not)
But it is not that it doesnt count at all, just to less I think.

over 5 years ago
Add avatar frame


Maybe it would be nice to let donators have a frame around their avatar on the site?
Like emerald donators something green, diamond blue etc.

On 1.0.15 it also looks like the post counting is not counting well.
Multiple players have opened a topic but there wasn't added a view.
Is this a bug?


over 6 years ago
Create a Secure Page for Only Admin

Oh, it is on a different server of me.

But thanks for answering.

over 6 years ago
Create a Secure Page for Only Admin

Hi, how do you make that start and stop for your server @XpresS ?

over 6 years ago
NamelessMC 1.0.12


I love the new update 1.0.12

I saw some new messages are still not translated so I translated the Dutch messages for you :D

    'announcements' => 'Aankondigingen',

    // Admin announcements page
    'current_announcements' => 'Huidige Aankondigingen',
    'create_announcement' => 'Maak Aankondiging',
    'announcement_content' => 'Inhoud Aankondiging',
    'announcement_location' => 'Locatie Aankondiging',
    'announcement_can_close' => 'Kan aankondiging sluiten?',
    'announcement_permissions' => 'Aankondiging permissies',
    'no_announcements' => 'Nog geen aankondigingen gemaakt.',
    'confirm_cancel_announcement' => 'Bent u zeker dat u deze aankondiging wilt annuleren?',
    'announcement_location_help' => 'Ctrl-klik om meerdere pagina\'s te selecteren.',
    'select_all' => 'Selecteer alles',
    'deselect_all' => 'Deselecteer alles',
    'announcement_created' => 'Aankondiging succesvol aangemaakt!',
    'please_input_announcement_content' => 'Voer een aankondiging in en selecteer een type alstublieft.',
    'confirm_delete_announcement' => 'Bent u zeker dat u de aankondiging wilt verwijderen?',
    'announcement_actions' => 'Aankondiging acties',
    'announcement_deleted' => 'Aankondiging succesvol verwijderd!',
    'announcement_type' => 'Aankondiging type',
    'can_view_announcement' => 'Kan de aankondiging bekijken?',
    'twitter_dark_theme' => 'Gebruik dark Twitter thema?',

I found also a mistake in the language file, on line 452 in the Dutch translation is a closing ' missing


And by this way, a big thanks for the great work