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All emails such as password resets and account activation are being flagged as spam. Is there a way to change those types of messages in the email being sent so that it isn't marked as spam.
26 days ago

Okay so the regular query isn't working and when I use the external API, it always says 7 players are online when there is really 14 players online.
about 1 month ago

about 1 month ago

How would I change the copyright to 2017 - 2018. My server was established in 2017 so I wanted to know how to change it.

about 1 month ago

So I am trying to setup group sync and it seems to not do anything. Everything else with the NamelessAPI plugin is working.

I have given everyone the permission. Everything with group IDs is setup. I am using PermissionsEX for my permissions. Every group has a group permission expect the default group.
about 1 month ago