Viewing release beta1 [can have bugs] for resource Nightless - Old Style Dark Mode for Panel [FREE] [v2]

Do you spend more time on panel and your eyes are bleeding?

Dont worry, we have fix for your panel (not sure about eyes visit doctor plz) I present u dark mode of default template, ye I made it in uder 10 mins.


Just look at this bloodyful images.





thank u for using dis template i think it works with pre7 haha




1. Download template ofc

2. Unzip and upload DarkDefault folder to custom\panel_templates

3. Install in panel

4. Enable it and ur eyes are fixed I guess.


(I tried to make meme from this, but if u have any problems DM me nUKEmAN4#3346 on discord)

I think it will work with every module since its just default with custom.css overwrited ok?


10 months ago