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[6.2.1] ChatBOT for nameless site or any website you want

step 3.5 if you use it for namelessmc add the code to the page you want

The upcoming V6.#.# version Prediction:


 + unique feedback only appears after asking a certain question Undeveloped

 + additional information for the answer given (information attached to the response so the bot can give more accurate information) | Undeveloped (Not yet available in Alpha 5.1 version)

+ Add features (true false) toggles features in the code | Under development, expected to be available soon Undeveloped

search bar if user says /find {text} Undeveloped

+ Answers are based on previous questions and answers | Undeveloped

+ APi | too difficult to do, but it is required so it will be available soon | Undeveloped

+ mp3/mp4 player for your tutorials! under development, it will be the new core for other addons for ChatBOT

+ chatgpt integration Undeveloped


Is it not worth the current price?  Contact if you think so and I will reduce the price


INFO : Hello customers and developers, I understand that releasing the Demo version means I will be given the code, But I think that you and everyone are respectful of my achievements and efforts over many months.  For the chatbot project, I can ABSOLUTELY give you or the programmer this Chatbot for free without any conditions, but if you look at the code from the Demo and give it credit, I will simply copyright it (issue).  Legal issue) for your website if not verified I gave it to you or bought it


DEMO WEBSITE HERE : coming soon

Imaginary feature: nameless website interactive bot, I will try to implement it if I donate $20 (possible, in theory)

Temporarily suspend the project!  , I spent this lot on versions "6" , and I still have my real life job.  However, this project will still be continued if I have free time or receive a donation because it is the result of the code.  Later versions will take more time instead of being developed solely on weekends.  Thank you for listening

New algorithm!  , more complex inside the code, super accurate answer, fix the error of users entering incorrect syntax, will be available in version 6+ and beta 7, buy it while it's cheap!

Projects about 6.5 update will be canceled until we develop api system for security, and provide users to use for free with the same functions but limit the number of messages

Open source code, you can edit anything in the code, but absolutely do not copy the code since permission is granted.

Add your request in the review section, and give a helpful review along with a detailed description of the feature you want, I will do it for you for free (will be added to the official feature of the code snippet

Contributors: Binvnhehe999
Purchase for 1.35 USD Other Releases


Total Downloads
First Release
21 Jul 2023
Last Release
17 Apr 2024

Version 6.2.1

17 Apr 2024, 12:24


I expected much more from this, this has a great complication 

| 4.0 | 8 months ago loco_descontrol loco_descontrol

it works well, although the setup is not too easy for someone who doesn't know how to code like me, but after setting it up, there is a great experience with a beautiful interface, easy to help users use.

| 4.0 | 9 months ago KaniMeCO KaniMeCO

Creator of this resource helped to get it working. This is an absolutely amazing resource.

| ChatBOT:1 | 9 months ago AmogusImposta AmogusImposta