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Anarchy (Theme/Template)

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[1.0.2] A Premium Template for NamelessMC v2

A Premium Template for NamelessMC v2 Pre-7

Live Demo: Click here


- Built with Semantic UI framework

- Awesome Look

- Clean Design

- Icons from Font Awesome 5

- Fully Mobile Responsive

- Fully & Highly Customize-able

- And a lot more!



- You will not re-sell this template.

- You will not re-distribute this template.

- You will not claim this as your own

- You will not steal the code

- You will only use it on your own site.

- You may modify this template.

- You will not charge-back.



- Discord: Ender57#6897

- MC-Market: Ender57



1- Open Zip File

2- Open Upload Folder

3- Upload the contents of the upload directory straight into your NamelessMC installation's directory

5- Enable Anarchy Template On StaffCP -> Layout -> Templates

Contributors: A Premium Template for NamelessMC v2 Pre-7
Purchase for 5.00 USD Other Releases


Total Downloads
First Release
12 Oct 2019
Last Release
18 Apr 2020
v2 Legacy

Version 1.0.2

18 Apr 2020, 10:25


Nice and clean template, for the price is a bargain. Ender was really helpful, with his fast and slick response, he helped me save the website, when the modules were not properly done. The customer support is shockingly good. I am really pleased with the result, I am going to reccomend this to other fellow server owners and devs.

Thanks again Ender :D


| 1.0.2 | over 2 years ago Etherised Etherised

Source has been updated, i feel much better $5 well spent, as well as Mr.Ender was very helpful setting me up. looks great


| 1.0.2 | over 2 years ago CoolSlayer131 CoolSlayer131

I got it to work, the directory changes for rev2 but all works you just have to upload differently

| 1.0.2 | over 2 years ago IamZeus IamZeus

Amazing support from developer ontop of a very good theme

| 1.0.1 | over 2 years ago 72z 72z

Neat looking template, Seller helped me in discord chat for at least a hour helping me get it working and setup. Would definitely recommend especially at 5$

| 1.0.1 | over 2 years ago EchoRapidz EchoRapidz