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IGN: Awtra
By Awtra » 8 months ago
Hey yo, Guys!

Just about a week ago NamelessMC partnered with getBukkit!

getBukkit is a Minecraft server mirror for setting up a server on a local host or a hosted server.

They offer Bukkit, Spigot, and Vanilla!

Now if you ask me I think they are offering a lot for the community!

So share some of that love that you have for Nameless over on Their Website!

And as always, Stay blocky!  

Ps. I am aware of how cheesy that sounded but it's a way to end on a good note! :)


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IGN: badbojus
By badbojus » 8 months ago
Gratz, anyway why people make these kind of websites like getbukkit while there is official spigot website? All in all i mean, wasn't it illegal to mirror .jar's for bukkit/spigot ? If i remember right, that was the reason why we use now buildtools. 
Thanks in advance for any clearance, i'm lost now. :D

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IGN: TeheeWohooTnb
By IsS127 » 8 months ago
I remember it was because of Wolfs commits and he didnt get the credit.

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IGN: Wolfie_Taff
By Wolfie_Taff » 8 months ago
Yes he issued a DMCA on it now the only legal way to obtain the files is buy using buildtools to compile them yourself which is why the Sponge api was started