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What you could always do is edit the index page from nameless to look like your portal.
8 days ago

Hello everyone!

About half a year ago I redesigned the NamelessMC messaging system to make it more stream line and look a little more intersting.

In order to install it please open the file 

Delete all the code and replace it with:


about 1 month ago

I didn't do the View Forum part. Is that a Problem since it's not working?

Well yeah, thats the modification of the code. If you dont have the varibels created in the view forum part it wont display or even break your site.

If you need extra help you can always PM me on discord: 
about 1 month ago

This is a pretty good explanation:
" Friendly URLs that are short and easy to remember are considered "user-friendly URLs." These URLs help visitors remember web addresses, which means they can revisit pages by simply typing in the URL address bar. For example, a company may use the URL "www.[company].com/support/" for the support section of their website. This is much easier to remember than a long convoluted URL, like "www.[company].com/section/support/default.aspx?id=1〈=en". "


I hope I could help you
2 months ago

If you can access your webserver with putty you can find a tutorial here:

If you dont have access please contact your web provider (

2 months ago