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Godark21: 23 days ago
What happen about your templates? Links are broken..



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Im the Author of this Theme please Contact me on discord so I can help you.

5 months ago

I dont quite understand what areas you want to have transparent.

In any case find the element you want to make transparent then...

Option 1.)
Open your CSS file and find the element design you would like to change.
add background-color: transparent; 
to the elenemt styles.
Option 2.) 
Open your HTML file for the site you wish to edit. Find the HTML element you would like to change (in this example a div)
add the cursive text to your HTML.
style="background-color: transparent;">

I hope I could help you, if you have any other questions just ask them!

6 months ago

Some of your requests have already been put into nameless 2.0.
If you are still using nameless 1 and need the things you requested hit me up on discord and ill mod u something.

Hope i could help you

6 months ago

I have already tried this. It has been a very long name

So it didnt work? If yes then I could only recommend making a custom page (without the built in interface) 
7 months ago

This just a Theroy: 
You may be able to add HTML codes to the Sitetitles. 
You could try to add the icon code in front of the name.

Nameless uses FA Version 4. You can find all Icon codes here:

If that doesnt work I dont have a lot of other Ideas mabey someone from the nameless Staff could help you then.

Good luck,
7 months ago