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This is a pretty good explanation:
" Friendly URLs that are short and easy to remember are considered "user-friendly URLs." These URLs help visitors remember web addresses, which means they can revisit pages by simply typing in the URL address bar. For example, a company may use the URL "www.[company].com/support/" for the support section of their website. This is much easier to remember than a long convoluted URL, like "www.[company].com/section/support/default.aspx?id=1〈=en". "


I hope I could help you
9 days ago

If you can access your webserver with putty you can find a tutorial here:

If you dont have access please contact your web provider (

9 days ago

Hello Nameless Community,

Link to Version 1 Format:

I recently created a Module for Nameless version 1 which shows all online staff members. A lot of people requested that I make a Version for Nameless 2. This one was created with the pre version 3.0.


Step 1:
Navigate to /modules/Forum/pages/forum/index
and /modules/Forum/pages/forum/view_forum

Add the following code to the document:
Save both documents

Step 2:
Navigate to your template folder that you are user (/custom/templates/YOURTEMPLATE/forum)
Open the following documents: forum_index.tpl, view_forum.tpl, view_forum_no_discussions.tpl

place this line 78 (replace old code mattching code)

Add the same code on line 130

Add the same code on line 71

I hope you understand the tutorial and that it helps you with your website!

13 days ago

I always love the tutorials :D. Easy, simple copy and paste, but sometimes newbie coders might want to know what the code exactly does, therefore learning more about Nameless and PHP as well. Good work on this, the module is always needed and it's a core feature in most of the forum softwares, hopefully, somebody will implement this into Nameless v2 as well ^^.

Working on it ATM :D
13 days ago