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3 months ago
UltimateModeration Support

The new plugin UltimateModeration just came out, made by Songoda:

I was wondering if y'all could add support for it with the infractions page like litebans and advancedban has. Also maybe adding v1 support even though y'all are currently working on v2, because I don't want to switch over to v2 until it is fully complete.
:D Thanks

9 months ago
Edited note request

Well on here v2 it seems it adds it to the bottom, but it would be more convenient at the top where it was originally posted

9 months ago
Edited note request

When a user edits a post, is it possible for y'all to add an "(Edited [latest date edited])" message, maybe after the date it was originally posted? 
Then when you click on the edited part, it highlight the text/images that were edited.

9 months ago
Play page main server option request

On v1, When setting up the play page you are to choose a main server (usually the bungee server). I am apart of a network of other servers run by different owners called KenX. This means if I were to set the main server to that bungee the player count would be higher than it actually is because it would be counting all players on the network. Also If I set the main server to just one of the spigot servers, it does not include the players on the other servers I own. My request is that you can either not set a main server and in that case it just add up all the spigot server players into one count, or the ability to set multiple main servers and it add the players together.

10 months ago
Application Module Request

Also the ability to change the status of an application once it has already been declined/accepted