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On v1, When setting up the play page you are to choose a main server (usually the bungee server). I am apart of a network of other servers run by different owners called KenX. This means if I were to set the main server to that bungee the player count would be higher than it actually is because it would be counting all players on the network. Also If I set the main server to just one of the spigot servers, it does not include the players on the other servers I own. My request is that you can either not set a main server and in that case it just add up all the spigot server players into one count, or the ability to set multiple main servers and it add the players together.
6 days ago

Also the ability to change the status of an application once it has already been declined/accepted
27 days ago

Also the time at which it was denied/accepted
27 days ago

The ability to see who declined/accepted an application
27 days ago

This module would allow people on the website to chat in-game. It would use their MC name and look like if they were really on the server talking in-game. It would also show at the bottom of the play page on the website. 
28 days ago