Nice template NamelessMC no support emojis :(
This will most likely be added.
I'm planning to release a Panel Template called Gradiency. Might even come as a full site template in the future ;) Who knows. It features a lot of gradient parts. And a dark mode ofc.


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10 months ago
Is it possible to pay with PaySafe?

I believe there are multiple payment methods supported, but only PayPal  is enabled, if you mean for purchasing resources. Thanks.

about 1 year ago
Copy group permissions

Making some groups have the same permissions as another group takes time as you have to manually set each permission, can you add a feature which adds a button that lets you pick an existing group and then copy the permissions from that?


**Edit, appears this feature is already requested on GitHub. **

over 2 years ago
Moving the site to another vps, can't access pages except home

Are you sure you got all the files transfered correctly?

over 2 years ago
force www

Hi, I'd recommend that you seek help for this on the NamelessMC support channel. I'm referring to the Discord server support channel. Take a look.

over 2 years ago
Member of the day

Wanna know what'd be awesome?

Points gained by being active and posting topics, the person with the most points each day get put on the Member of the day Module (which I hope will be created). And when a new day begins, the points are reset and other users get a chance to get the most points for that day..