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unfortunately no, it's not possible as far as I know, not sure about v2 though, however, there's several workarounds.
  1. Create the pages like tutorial 1, tutorial 2 and hyperlink them on the help page and on tutorial pages link the help page to get back. However, this does not provide the url you wanted.
  2. Create a directory named help and create pages by hand, then add them through Custom Pages and set it as a redirect link. This method does not generate friendly url (or url, which you want), unless you copy and paste the .htaccess file from the root and edit the RewriteRule how you want.
The most suitable would be the later one, but remember to include all the templates in the pages. This needs some PHP and HTML knowledge though.

Any other questions?
27 days ago

Closed, as issue resolved.
about 1 month ago

I would welcome the opportunity to insert the html code into the post ... :)!

Actually you can insert it into the post (or depends). At least I can use Font Awesome icons in HTML code. Auto format does not happen on v1 for some reason though, but v2 is getting "close" to be released anyways. :P

about 1 month ago

Thanks, but I am not professional and I want to add the icons like "fa fa-comments"

You can do it by editing the templates and using Some text here   , however, you need to add additional styling turning the color into red  e.g. Some text here   and so on.

The codes I used here are:

i class="fa fa-comments" Some text here /i and i class="fa fa-comments" style="color:red;" Some text here /i with surrounding <> tags on attributes. Samerton, please fix.

As you mentioned you're not professional, please read these in order to learn and get started. Do not hop on the Advanced yet, unless you want to learn for real to customize and not just editing few things.

CSS Basic Tutorial

HTML Basic Tutorial

Hopefully these gives you a head start into template editing, remember to read the template carefully to make sure you're editing the correct thing, however, mistakes helps in learning a lot.
about 1 month ago

I always love the tutorials :D. Easy, simple copy and paste, but sometimes newbie coders might want to know what the code exactly does, therefore learning more about Nameless and PHP as well. Good work on this, the module is always needed and it's a core feature in most of the forum softwares, hopefully, somebody will implement this into Nameless v2 as well ^^.
about 1 month ago