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11 months ago
Help with registration

Update UUID did not help I had to write / uuid ZiklCZ here and manually change it I have my server in offline mode so it gave me some bad uuid

Hello! As stated in the previous post, in order to do this, your server have to be in online-mode. Otherwise it won't work.

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11 months ago
[Tutorial] Online Staff Members Module V2

Nice. Is it updated to the last commit? 

Hello. In pre-release 4 there is added Online Staff members widget, which you are able to enable. It works great on here as well. ;)

about 1 year ago

Hello @FlatoutDude.

You can disable the forum module in general, but add a custom page as a redirect link to the new forum software. However, keep in mind these two won't most likely synchronize due to the cookie sessions, though there might be several workarounds. I don't think I am that wrong if I assume Samerton would have a "perfect" solution for synchronizing the announcements and logins with the different software.

I won't personally recommend to use other forum software with different CMS, I'd rather build my own around the other software.

about 1 year ago
[v2] PermissionEx Module

I´m ask how does it look these module?
When to download?

I am most likely sure that he won't be finishing that in the near future and I assume he cannot give any Estimated Time of Arrival either. :)

about 1 year ago
Custom Pages in a sub directory


unfortunately no, it's not possible as far as I know, not sure about v2 though, however, there's several workarounds.
  1. Create the pages like tutorial 1, tutorial 2 and hyperlink them on the help page and on tutorial pages link the help page to get back. However, this does not provide the url you wanted.
  2. Create a directory named help and create pages by hand, then add them through Custom Pages and set it as a redirect link. This method does not generate friendly url (or url, which you want), unless you copy and paste the .htaccess file from the root and edit the RewriteRule how you want.
The most suitable would be the later one, but remember to include all the templates in the pages. This needs some PHP and HTML knowledge though.

Any other questions?