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No :/ Custom pages don't work with php

You will need to create a own module to create pages with php
10 days ago

Hey @20eSKon01

NamelessMC v2 don't have Custom pages feature yet, Its currently in development and hopefully coming very soon

But you can create your own module that add the pages you want, Can be a bit messy if you don't understand php/html
The best thing you can do is to try to understand the current modules there and try to create your own
28 days ago

No the bug is the name is same as Staff Applications module

The name must be example Question1
The name field is pretty wired

But if u use

and up it should work people not see the name anyways
3 months ago

NamelessMC v1 dont support subfolders only way to get it is to setup subdomain example with cpanel u can setup a subdomain then set a folder as root for that subdomain

But v2 support subfolders but 2v is in dev, its not released
7 months ago

To remove the birthday part go to your files and goo to /pages/ folder and open register.php file and replace the code with this codeĀ
7 months ago