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Locus: 28 days ago

Locus: about 1 month ago

UncleM0: 6 months ago
How do i add members list on to the website? I cant see it in the modules

SamTheManMC: about 1 year ago
Reason I am asking is I need advice.

SamTheManMC: about 1 year ago
Hi! I see you run a server. Do you pay taxes on donations you make?

Partydragen: over 2 years ago
Test, Can i use @samerton on profile

Henaminator: over 2 years ago

Partydragen: over 2 years ago
Test Spam Submit

Partydragen: over 2 years ago



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@VaneHD You must contact your host provider to get the database address if it not hosted on same machine, But you should try or localhost
10 months ago

Sounds like the forum module is missing files, Have you modifyed/deleted anythings there?
Try to reupload the Forum module
11 months ago

@Novarisk Be sure you have setuped the permissions for each group and the url path starts with /
11 months ago

Hey your welcome to use 2.0 as public the only thing is it still missing a few features can be bugs but it should be pretty stable to be used
about 1 year ago

No :/ Custom pages don't work with php

You will need to create a own module to create pages with php
about 1 year ago