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about 1 month ago
Can you please reset my website and delete all users etc and make it into a v1 namelessmc website, and also unban me from discord and then give me invite ;(.


5 months ago
Will you ever add the ability to edit current pages (such as homepage, staff applications, play, etc.) with a page editor like custom pages?


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Can you take a screenshot of the custom page's settings (in the AdminCP) for me?
11 days ago

Absolutely, you can put an HTML tag in the Group HTML fields for any group.
21 days ago

To add custom tag colours, see this post (except instead of core/assets/css/custom_core.css, it's core/assets/css/custom.css).

You can change the text within a tag by editing the group in the AdminCP, it's the Group HTML field which needs changing.
21 days ago

Just to add, I've tested in v2 and it seems to work fine.
27 days ago

Make sure your group has permission to view the custom page (which you can set by editing the custom page in the AdminCP), and also make sure you have correctly set the page URL to have a / before it (eg if you want it to be at, the page path needs to be /example).
27 days ago