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xLengoBug5: 20 days ago
Hai :)

_C02: 7 months ago
Hey, do you plan on adding the ability to create a staff page on our websites?

VaneHD: 8 months ago
444 Posts, creepy.

_C02: 9 months ago
Will you ever add the ability to edit current pages (such as homepage, staff applications, play, etc.) with a page editor like custom pages?

SrPandaStick: 11 months ago
Hello could you help me :c I have a problem

Partydragen: about 1 year ago

Partydragen: about 1 year ago

Partydragen: about 1 year ago
I love posting

Aninamecz: about 1 year ago
Hello Samerton can u help me with Custom Date Format ?

Kakebil: about 1 year ago
Link to where i can create a forum?



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You need to change the path entry in the file core/config.php.

Change it so it is empty, ie 'path' => '',
4 hours ago

@KoalaBers This is already possible in both version 1 and version 2 :)
1 day ago

If emails aren't sending, you can take a look at this on the wiki.
2 days ago

A method of arranging groups is coming in v2, thanks for the suggestion!
2 days ago

Thanks for the suggestion, this has already been added for the upcoming Nameless 2 release :)
2 days ago