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You could try creating a Cloudflare subdomain which has SSL enabled and pointing it at your Dynmap IP.
10 hours ago
Their Dynmap is running on an https site, not sure exactly how they've done it though.
1 day ago
Unless I'm misunderstanding, mod_rewrite will not help with this issue as the issue is browser-side.
2 days ago
Correct, there are no player heads on the infractions page currently.
2 days ago
Try editing addons/Infractions/Infractions.php in a text editor, remove all code inside and paste this new code inside.
4 days ago
Unfortunately there is no documentation on this at the moment as the version 1 addon system is very limited and I wouldn't recommend using it. The best way to learn for v1 addons is by taking a look at some existing addons, such as these listed here, to get a sense of how they work.

The upcoming version 2 release has a more powerful module system, once it's released I will be releasing documentation on creating modules.
6 days ago
It'll be your web host blocking PHP sockets on port 25565 (which could be different if your Minecraft server is running on a different port), you'll either have to stick with the external query or try contacting your web host to see if they can help.
10 days ago
Unfortunately I don't think this is possible, seeing as this is a security feature in your web browser; a redirect is the only way around this.
11 days ago
The latest version 2 pre-release doesn't have a custom page feature as it's still being worked on, it will be included in the full release.
11 days ago
It's not currently possible I'm afraid, the ability to translate those buttons is coming soon.
12 days ago
Check out the custom page feature; if you create a custom page and set it up as a redirect page you can create a link that way.
12 days ago
To create news on the front page, you first need to create a forum which will store your news posts in the AdminCP -> Forums tab. In your forum's settings, check the box saying "Display threads as news on front page". Don't forget to set permissions so everyone can view the forum.

Then, whenever you create a topic in that forum, it will be displayed on the front page as news.
14 days ago
The homepage errors are caused by a default server not being defined in the AdminCP -> Minecraft tab, and they can be hidden if you disable error reporting in the AdminCP -> Misc tab.

The issues you mention on the registration page are caused by a Javascript error somewhere, if you press F12 in your browser to open the console you should see further Javascript errors in there which will tell us what's going wrong.
15 days ago
This has since been fixed, for now you can edit styles/language/Czech/language.php and replace everything inside with this updated code.
17 days ago
Currently there isn't a gallery addon for Nameless, however there's always a possibility for one to be developed in the future.
17 days ago