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If you're using version 1 of Nameless, you can remove lines 3-7 of styles/templates/*Template*/index.tpl
5 days ago


If you enable error reporting in the AdminCP -> Misc tab, an error will appear on the Infractions page.
7 days ago


Version 1.0.17 has been released! New installations can download it from here, and existing installations can update through the AdminCP -> Update tab.

- Add Japanese translation
- Update Chinese translation
- Update Czech translation
- Update Dutch translation
- Update French translation
- Update Norwegian translation
- Update Portuguese translation
- Update Slovak translation
- Move AdminCP container location
- More efficient way of using Options in .htaccess
- Delete unused 1920x1080 background image
- Fix AdvancedBan label issue
- Display website name on 404 page title
- Integrate Infractions tab into profile pages
- Update Infractions addon for profile pages
- Allow toggling name history on profile pages
- Fix loading invalid addons
- Add BugReport addon
- Update help page
- Update Superhero theme
- Add temp warning AdvancedBan integration to Infractions addon
- Update vote addon to allow for > 8 voting sites without visual glitches
- Fix broken API popover in AdminCP
- Add error messages to BanAppeal and BugReport addons
- Add error messages to staff application module
- Fix validate error on vote addon
- Update nginx example configs
- Update email headers
- Add CraftingStore support to Donate addon
- Fix incorrect UserCP follower count
- Add example Donate addon cron command
14 days ago

Hi everyone,

Version 2.0.0 pre-release 3 has been released! Including new features such as custom pages, a widget system, even friendlier forum URLs and also punishments, it's a huge step closer to a full version 2 release.

You can update from pre-release 2 via the AdminCP -> Update tab, and new installations can download it from

Please keep in mind, it's still a pre-release so there may be bugs and missing features. It's not recommended to use it on a public site.

A full changelog can be found here.

16 days ago


If you're using Nameless version 1, you can find the available colours for group labels here, and information on creating your own can be found here.
The version 2 release, which is still in pre-release stages, is a bit different, and you can find the available colours here.

Hope that helps.
29 days ago