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23 days ago
Hey, do you plan on adding the ability to create a staff page on our websites?


3 months ago
Will you ever add the ability to edit current pages (such as homepage, staff applications, play, etc.) with a page editor like custom pages?


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Can you also disable the Fourms module, as this is also something which isn't part of Nameless.
7 hours ago

Can you please disable the Bans module, as it's not a NamelessMC module and it's causing a fatal error.
20 hours ago

If you're using Nameless version 1, you can find addons here, and without adding your own PHP pages manually (in the pages folder, using this as a template), the only way to add custom HTML pages is through the custom pages tab in the AdminCP, using the editor, although the HTML you have available is limited.

If you're using the version 2 pre-releases, you can find modules here, and you can add any custom HTML in the custom page editor's "Source" tab through the AdminCP.

Hope that helps.
3 days ago


Why exactly don't the files work? You might be able to enable error reporting in the AdminCP -> Core -> Debugging and Maintenance tab, to see if an error appears.
7 days ago

I have a problem. On my website, I turn on maintenance mode, but I cannot login to AdminCP. And my questions, how to disable?
My website:
Version: 2.0.0 pre-relase 3

If you head to, you can sign into your admin account and then browse the site normally.
8 days ago