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TonyMaster21: about 1 year ago
Can we be friends?

Awtra: about 1 year ago
Hi Sam!

CuidabrutosYT: about 1 year ago
Hello, I'm PhP Programmer, How I Could Help In The Project

Partydragen: about 1 year ago
Testing 1.0.11

dadus33: over 2 years ago
Amm, I don't really know if this only happens to me, but this page will never stop loading and hundreds of messages from @Partydragen show up...

NichtJolly: over 2 years ago
Hey I always get errors :(

dadus33: over 2 years ago
Yup, he has indeed done a great job :D

Mistri: over 2 years ago
Awesome job, I love it! :D

Partydragen: over 2 years ago
Hey ;P



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Hi, thanks for the suggestion, this is something we can certainly look into :)
4 hours ago

Glad you were able to solve the issue, and thanks for sharing the solution. I recently fixed this issue with the default template's Darkly theme, I can copy this fix across to the Bootstrap 3 template for the next update :)
4 hours ago


Nextyle uses a slightly different name for the group labels.

If you edit your groups in the AdminCP -> Users and Groups -> Groups tab, you will see that each group has a "Group HTML" and a "Group HTML Large" field. You will need to change label to tag within these fields, so for example label label-danger would become tag tag-danger.

Hope that helps :)
2 days ago

As the plugin -> website connection is UUID based, you will need to make sure that:
  1. Your Minecraft server is in online mode
  2. Your website account has a UUID associated with it; you can edit your user in the AdminCP -> Users and Groups tab and select "Update UUID" from the "Actions" dropdown if there's no UUID there.
6 days ago


If you're referring to custom pages in the AdminCP -> Pages tab, this is possible in both version 1 and version 2 by editing the custom page, where a permissions section will appear :)

Unfortunately, in version 1, all users will be able to see the link regardless of whether they can view the page or not; this has been fixed in version 2 (which is still in pre-release stage and will hopefully be released soon).
9 days ago