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Aninamecz: about 1 year ago
Hello Samerton can u help me with Custom Date Format ?

Kakebil: about 1 year ago
Link to where i can create a forum?

BrightSkyz: about 1 year ago
Hello person!

TonyMaster21: about 1 year ago
Can we be friends?

Awtra: about 1 year ago
Hi Sam!

CuidabrutosYT: about 1 year ago
Hello, I'm PhP Programmer, How I Could Help In The Project

Partydragen: over 2 years ago
Testing 1.0.11

dadus33: over 2 years ago
Amm, I don't really know if this only happens to me, but this page will never stop loading and hundreds of messages from @Partydragen show up...

NichtJolly: over 2 years ago
Hey I always get errors :(



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Hi @Borps,

Unfortunately it seems the image in the post doesn't exist ( returns a 404)
1 day ago

Can you send me a link to your website?
13 days ago

As this is part of a custom theme, I'm afraid I can't really help and you would be better off contacting the theme author.

One thing you can try is the following CSS (which you need to add to the end of styles/themes/theme/css/custom.css):

body {
    color: #000 !important;

13 days ago

Unfortunately I don't plan on adding a colour wheel currently as you can actually use any HTML you like in there. There is information on adding your own custom colours in this post, except the file is styles/themes/theme/css/custom.css instead of assets/css/custom.css.
16 days ago

I'm working on a custom Nameless version for a project of mine which has this feature, hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult to carry across in the future.
16 days ago