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Aninamecz: about 1 year ago
Hello Samerton can u help me with Custom Date Format ?

Kakebil: about 1 year ago
Link to where i can create a forum?

BrightSkyz: about 1 year ago
Hello person!

TonyMaster21: about 1 year ago
Can we be friends?

Awtra: about 1 year ago
Hi Sam!

CuidabrutosYT: about 1 year ago
Hello, I'm PhP Programmer, How I Could Help In The Project

Partydragen: over 2 years ago
Testing 1.0.11

dadus33: over 2 years ago
Amm, I don't really know if this only happens to me, but this page will never stop loading and hundreds of messages from @Partydragen show up...

NichtJolly: over 2 years ago
Hey I always get errors :(



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This should be possible in v2.

In v2, if you set a server as a main server, you can then create more servers and set their parent as the main server. Then, the homepage will accumulate the player counts from all of these servers.
6 days ago


You might have the wrong support forum here. This is for the NamelessMC website software, not Omeka.

It looks like Omeka's support forums are over on their site (link).
10 days ago

To fix the problem, you can create the file core/email.php now and paste this code inside.
11 days ago

With version 2 you can enable debugging by editing index.php and uncommenting this line.
13 days ago

If this has only suddenly started happening, it suggests something changed with the server setup, such as the temporary directory (usually /var/tmp) is full.

The error message means the form token is not equal to the token saved on the server (in the server session).

If you still have access to the AdminCP, can you try enabling debugging in the AdminCP -> Core -> Debugging and Maintenance tab? Then have a look at the login page and see if any errors appear right at the top.
13 days ago