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7 days ago
Nameless Hosting - Template Possibility?


Please open a ticket within your Nameless Hosting dashboard as they are a separate organisation to NamelessMC

7 days ago
Fatal error

Copied from the private conversation:


It looks like your files might somehow be corrupted.

I recommend downloading the .zip again from and performing a full reinstallation.

about 1 month ago
I get a 404 error when I put / in the title of a topic.


Unfortunately this is a bug in pre-release 12, it will be fixed in the next update

about 1 month ago
Uncaught SmartyException

The issue here is that your template is missing a file.

If you are using the default template:

  • If the issue happens on a custom module's page, you can contact the module author for support
  • If the issue happens on a core page, please re-upload the custom/templates/DefaultRevamp folder (if it happens on the frontend) or custom/panel_templates/Default folder (if it happens in the staff control panel)

If you are using a custom template, you can contact the template author for support.

about 1 month ago
Dark Mode on the editor

I'm not familiar with the custom template you are using, but Nameless provides a means for a custom template to switch the editor to dark mode.

In this case I'd recommend contacting the template author and asking them about this.