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7 months ago
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7 months ago
Staff Online

Hello Again.

I have problem with that font color. 

When i change darkmode.text to color gray, idk why but system aplicate green. 

I change it on the DefaultRevamp in custom.css in the visual studio code after i upload on the web,

does nothing and system replace gray on green again.

What i do bad? picture from dev tools. (I DONT CHANGE IT ON THE DEV TOOLS) I change colors in css. but System replace that back on the green
Very thanks good bye


EDIT:// I found me problem, its browser google chrome but why? when i go to microsoft edge i see the normal fonts. 

7 months ago
Staff Online

Wow thanks..
Actually im happy. 
Btw. Samerton and Team namelles. Thanks so much for u giving time to this project. Im so happy with u works.
When i get money from the work. I Donated u <3 
Srsly thanks so much again. 
See u soon

7 months ago
Staff Online

Nah.. That english srsly so bad :D 

Thanks for tip, i used it, but this is not reason why i created this topic.


I have danger Owner badge, okay nice but, i want it the before the name. When u look on the online staff u see Avatar Name and this badge. But i want . = Owner Smokeris maybe. Or only color Smokeris yellow. I edit in ccs, staff online, i removed {}. Thats reason why i no see that forum?

And i have more problem. With that forum. I dont see forum: <- I removed modules and install back, nothing. I get backup on the timeplates nothing.. What i do bad?

7 months ago
Staff Online

I have one question on Staff Online on widget panel. I want tip how to i badges Yellow  edit to on before the name? Sorry for me bad english, thank you