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Thanks :)
about 1 month ago

I have a problem. I Configure version 2 of nameless in a non-main path (/var/www/html/Nameless-2), this to be able to keep my main web running during the time that it configured the second one. But now I have moved the web I was configuring to the main web address and I had a problem, every time a link is opened or a tab is left (for example, when you want to go to the forum) the path to the address where I was setting up the web.
For example, to go to the forum, instead of the link being this:
it gets this:
and obviously not show page since in that route there is nothing already.
How can fix that problem?

2 months ago

No sorry, i dont use a php mail function, i only set the "output mail"
2 months ago

I have a problem, when i registered on my web (or sumit a test email on Nameless 2.0) the email can't send and on namelessMC-2 display a unknow error:
What can i do? i have the 2 versions of nameless and in both i have this problem
2 months ago