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about 1 year ago
Version 2.0.0 Pre-Release 11

Thank you Samerton! We love your dedication to the nameless project. 

about 1 year ago
Friends / Follow button


are you perhaps using NamelessHosting? I am quite confused by your post

about 1 year ago
Profile problem


Does this only occur on the profile page or on all pages?

if it occurs on all pages it means you set an invalid path to fix this open the “core” folder in there is a config.php file open it and remove whatever is inside “path”

if it occurs on only the profile page it means the header.tpl file is missing to add it back open custom/templates/(template)/ and replace the profile.tpl file with the default file


about 1 year ago
No Panel?


You might’ve enabled friendly-url’s during the installation, your web server  does not meet the requirements to run friendly url's therefore you get an error

to disable friendly-url’s you must open the “core” folder and edit the “config.php” file and set “friendly” to “false”

If you have anyone question feel free to ask :)

about 1 year ago

Hi there,

V2 pre-19 is not yet released ;)

Please contact the author of the cesium template regarding your issue.