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NamelessMC FileManager Module

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This is a File Manager module for NamelessMC v2-pre3
It allows you to manage files on the go, with simple permissions, including:
  • View Files: Allows you to view files, but not modify them
  • Write Files: Allows you to modify files
  • Switch primary color
  • Admin Page: Allows you to manage root file directory, maximum file sizes, and allowed file extensions.
    P.S. In the file path section, you can use {ROOT_PATH} for access to the main NamelessMC Directory, {USERID} to access the users id, and {USERNAME} to access the users name, so you can have user directories.
At this time, this module does not support custom templates, but may in the future
Feel free to add your own translations (I haven't finished moving everything over to the translation system, please be patient :)
If anything doesn't work, feel free to write a review, explaining what the issue is.
P.S. If you have Debug Mode turned on, some error notices may get in the way of the code, and cause it not to work. These errors don't actually cause any issues otherwise, it just means, for example, you are not in the file editor

Contributors: Partydragen, Samerton
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First Release
18 Dec 2017
Last Release
19 Dec 2017
v2 Legacy

Version v1.2.1

19 Dec 2017, 18:58


Can you update to v2.0.0-pr7

| v1.2.1 | over 4 years ago Lorenzo0111 Lorenzo0111

Ahoj jaksi to nechce ani najet  [CZ]
Hey, he does not even want to go [EN]
| v1.2.1 | over 5 years ago Rannie Rannie