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A module for displaying your server's list of rules on a page on your website!

Note: This module was built off the vote module which was made by Samerton and Partydragen, so credit goes to them for the base code.

  • Create unlimited rules
  • For each rule set the rule number, rule, and punishment for breaking the rule
  • Uses MySQL storage for fast loading and easy updates
  • Allows you to switch link location between navbar, "more" dropdown, and footer, or have no visible link at all
  • You can edit and delete any rule you created at any time
  • Great looking website page with support for multiple templates
  • 100% free!

  • Default
  • Default Revamp
  • Mooz
  • Skyfall
  • Aether
  • Cesium (NEW!)
  • MineBox (NEW!)
  • More coming soon!

  • EnglishUS
  • EnglishUK
  • Czech (NEW!)
  • Spanish (NEW!)

If you want to translate this module into a different language, send me a message on Discord or NamelessMC and I will add your translation in the next update!

This is the rules module page on the template Skyfall. Sorry for the slowness, I use free hosting =)

Default template:

Default Revamp Template:

StaffCP Main Page:

Note: Make sure you have NamelessMC version v2 pre-7! NamelessMC v1 will NOT work!

  1. Unzip the file and upload the contents of the "upload" file straight into your main NamelessMC installation directory (where the folders custom, core, modules, uploads, cache are)
  2. Head over to StaffCP -> Modules, click the "install" button
  3. Enable the "Rules" module

You're done! Configure the Rules Module at StaffCP -> Rules.

  1. You may not sell, republish, or steal this code in any way, shape, or form
  2. You must follow the rules of the support discord

Breaking these terms and conditions may result in a ban from the support discord.

Receive support, chat, and submit bug reports or feature requests.

If you liked this module please leave a 5-star review!

Contributors: Coldfire, Samerton, Partydragen
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| 1.2.0 | 13 days ago Aberdeener Aberdeener

Cesium is now supported :3

| 1.0.0 | 17 days ago Fjuro Fjuro

Mooz has support

| 1.0.0 | 22 days ago zJerino zJerino