[BIG UPDATE] Futurium Template Pre-12

Viewing resource [BIG UPDATE] Futurium Template Pre-12

[7.0.0] Highly customisable template, with support for many modules

Latest changelog:
 - Updated resource module support
 - Added support for countdown module
 - Added support for socialize module (thanks to the author, for providing files)
 - You can now edit font in settings
 - You can now see online guests in statistic widget (enable in settings)
 - Added all stuff needed for pre 12 support

If you want me to setup the website and template for you, dm me on discord Kaspian#5975
Branding removal is 5$, if you want to pay for it, DM me aswell
Other payment methods are supported on discord

Terms of Service:

  1. Do not share this resource file with anyone.
  2. Do not chargeback until I allow for that.
  3. You are not allowed to redistribute, post this resource in unmodified/modified form anywhere.
  4. I am allowed to revoke your access to this resource for violating Terms Of Service.
  5. I am allowed to ask you anytime for information about your purchase.
  6. Terms of service can be changed anytime by me.

Contributors: MrVibe
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First Release
10 Jan 2021
Last Release
10 Nov 2021
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Version 7.0.0

10 Nov 2021, 19:29


Best template out there!

Support is just amazing for this!

| 7.0.0 | 17 days ago Noobb Noobb

Amazing developer and amazing template <3

| 3.1.1 | 9 months ago DarknessInMySoul DarknessInMySoul

Great design and fast support. Wonderful <3.

| 2.3 | 10 months ago getabbter getabbter