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Greendy [DARK GREEN] [v2] [pre-12]

Viewing resource Greendy [DARK GREEN] [v2] [pre-12]

[v1.4] Panel template

Greendy is another dark panel template made by nUKEmAN4 (me :p) based on dark green colors.
But this time I made customization little bit better, but still needs improvements.

But... why green? Cus its aberdeener's favourite color :p Dont worry Cpk, I hear you - white template soon ?

  1. First of you should download .zip file named Greendy from this website.
  2. Unzip it and upload Greendy folder to custom/panel_templates folder.
  3. Open your admin panel on namelessmc (your website) and go to layout/panel templates and find Greendy.
  4. Click on Activate and Make Default template (Greendy).
  You are ready to use Greendy!

To change any greenish color open custom.css file located in custom\panel_templates\Greendy\assets\css\custom.css and change any green color under root section you do not like. I may have not listed all, but feel free to contact me so I can add more options.

If you have any more questions please join my discord server

  • CraftingStore Module
  • Forms Module
  • Infractions Module
  • Members Module
  • Resources Module
  • Rules Module
  • Staff Module
  • Tebex Module
  • Vote Module
  • Chatbox Module (Thanks to Xemah for making this possible)
  • VotingPlugin Module
  • Store Module
  • Suggestions Module
  • Polls Module
  • Donation Module
  • Badges Module
  • CustomDropdown Module (Thanks to GIGABIT for making this possible)
  • RconMC Module (Thanks to GIGABIT for making this possible)
  • Iframe Module (Thanks to GIGABIT for making this possible)
  • Gallery Module (Thanks to GIGABIT for making this possible)
  • JobsManager Module (Thanks to GIGABIT for making this possible)
  • Tickets Module (Thanks to skyrowl for making this possible)
  • Wiki Module (Thanks to ReflexShow for making this possible)


If you need help with anything related to any of my templates contact me on discord -> nUKEmAN4#3346



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Total Downloads
First Release
07 Feb 2021
Last Release
24 Oct 2021
v2 Legacy

Version v1.4

24 Oct 2021, 21:43


loving it!

| v1.4 | over 2 years ago abcdefg abcdefg

5/5 template. Should have an option to change the logo on the authentication though. Other than that it's perfect.

| v1.3.3 | over 2 years ago Sappy Sappy


6 Stars

| v1.3 | over 3 years ago zJerino zJerino

Amazing template, I love it! Good job!

| v1.2 | over 3 years ago Fjuro Fjuro


| v1 | over 3 years ago JohnnyEnder3 JohnnyEnder3