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- Built with Bootstrap Framework
- Icons from Font Awesome 5
- Clean Design
- Fully Mobile Responsive
- Fully & Highly Customize-able
- Toggle borders, rounded corners or shadows
- Change avatar styles (circle, rounded or square)
- Customize-able header and footer
- Toggle server status
- Infinite announcements, (page-specific and group-specific)
- Infinite carousel items (page-specific)
- Powerful theme system, with import and export options
- Built-in update checker
- And a lot more!

- Default (Pre-installed)
- Default - Dark
- Classic
- Classic - Dark

- Members Module
- Resources Module
- Vote Module
- Friends Module
- Forms Module
- Tebex Module
- Staff Module


- NamelessMC v2 Pre-7

- You will not re-sell.
- You will not re-distribute.
- You will not claim this as your own.
- You will not steal the code.
- You will only use it on your own site.
- You may modify.
- You may distribute custom themes.
- You will not use it for illegal purposes or use it on illegal websites.
- You will not charge-back.

- Discord:
- Email: [email protected]

Contributors: Bright
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Xemah is god

| 1.7 | 3 months ago \_Unknown_/ \_Unknown_/

Five stars, but I can't buy it. :c

| 1.3.1 | 6 months ago iKakashi_x iKakashi_x

1,000,000/10. AMAZING. Best Template for NamelessMC, and literally every nmc website should use it. Xemah, what the heck have you been doing besides developing the best NamelessMC resources?

| 1.3.1 | 6 months ago Vamp Uchiha Vamp Uchiha

best template

| 1.2 | 6 months ago TwerkRekt TwerkRekt

Best template ever, easy to configuring!!! the support from Xemah is amazing he is very attentive and fast! you wont regret doing bussiness with this guy!

| 1.1 | 6 months ago CCadavid CCadavid

Another Great Release from Xemah.

If you thought Rapid was great, Cesium is a next level template that making configuring a heck lot easier.

| 1.0 | 7 months ago cpk03 cpk03

Rapid was a great success, But this one is the best here for namelessmc. Xemah did it again!. Clean template ?

| 1.0 | 7 months ago timr2000 timr2000