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A premium template for NamelessMC v2.0.0 pre-release 7.

Built with Bootstrap Framework
Icons from Font Awesome 5
Clean Design
Fully Mobile Responsive
Fully & Highly Customize-able
Toggle borders, rounded corners or shadows
Change avatar styles (circle, rounded or square)
Customize-able header and footer
Toggle server status
Infinite Announcements
Carousel slider
Theming System
Built-in update checker
And a lot more!

Create infinite amount of announcements
Show announcements on the specific pages you like
Show announcements to anyone who you want

Create infinite amount of sliders
Show sliders on the specific pages you like
Fully customizable sliders from title to description to sliding image

[Theming System]
Create infinite amount of themes
Export your theme and share with your loved ones
Make money by selling custom themes

[Packed with 4 themes]
Default (Pre-installed)
Default - Dark
Classic - Dark

Members module
Resources module
Vote module
Friends module
Forms module
Tebex module
Staff module
Chatbox module
Infractions module

You will not re-sell this template.
You will not re-distribute.
You will not claim this as your own.
You will not refund / charge-back.
You will not steal the code.
You will only use it on your own site.
You will not use it for illegal purposes or use it on illegal websites.
You may modify this template.
You may distribute custom themes.

Email: [email protected]
Discord Server:
Discord ID: Xemah#4652
Telegram: Xemah

Contributors: Bright
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Epic but idk the price. If its over $10000 then im not buying.

| 2.4 | 9 days ago DJYdjy DJYdjy

Didn't work, support is awful, to expensive.

| 2.4 | 14 days ago Nucker Nucker

Add CPS module support =)

| 2.3.1 | about 1 month ago CqldFire CqldFire

Xemah is god

| 1.7 | 5 months ago zJerino zJerino

Five stars, but I can't buy it. :c

| 1.3.1 | 7 months ago iKakashi_x iKakashi_x

1,000,000/10. AMAZING. Best Template for NamelessMC, and literally every nmc website should use it. Xemah, what the heck have you been doing besides developing the best NamelessMC resources?

| 1.3.1 | 8 months ago Vamp Uchiha Vamp Uchiha

best template

| 1.2 | 8 months ago TwerkRekt TwerkRekt

Best template ever, easy to configuring!!! the support from Xemah is amazing he is very attentive and fast! you wont regret doing bussiness with this guy!

| 1.1 | 8 months ago CCadavid CCadavid

Another Great Release from Xemah.

If you thought Rapid was great, Cesium is a next level template that making configuring a heck lot easier.

| 1.0 | 9 months ago cpk03 cpk03

Rapid was a great success, But this one is the best here for namelessmc. Xemah did it again!. Clean template ?

| 1.0 | 9 months ago timr2000 timr2000