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Viewing resource Sponge MC account validation plugin


I wanted to valide users and their MC account on my moded server, and as there is no Sponge compatible plugin doing that.  I paid developer to get this working.

So what does this plugin do?

  • Using NamelessMC v2 API it communicates with your website
  • users can validate their web account after registering on website  by using the standard command /validate 
  • it uses no game-specific APIs, so it should work on nearly all Bukkit, Spigot and Sponge versions (tested on latest  12.2 sponge only)

Is it translateable?

Yes! You can translate the error or success messages in th econfig file (config file is right in /config folder and it's name is validationplugin.conf

Why the price?

I paid someone to do this plugin for me, so I want to at least spread the cost between us, so I am offering it for symobolic 2 USD


PS: The API token in the default config file is just an example and it's not working :)


How it looks

Contributors: Cnqdev
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