Viewing release 1.0.0 for resource Sponge MC account validation plugin

I wanted to valide users and their MC account on my moded server, and as there is no Sponge compatible plugin doing that.  I paid developer to get this working.

So what does this plugin do?

  • Using NamelessMC v2 API it communicates with your website
  • users can validate their web account after registering on website  by using the standard command /validate as website tells them to do
  • it uses no game-specific APIs, so it should work on nearly all Bukkit, Spigot and SPonge versions (tested on latest  12.2 sponge only)

Why the price?

I paid someone to do this plugin for me, so I want to at least spread the cost between us, so I am offering it for symobolic €4

4 months ago