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Viewing resource [DISCONTINUED] Aether Template [CHEAP] [MODERN] [HIGH QUALITY]

[2.3.0] Extremely configurable, modern design, and much more!

Aether Template - A premium NamelessMC template by Coldfire

Aether is a premium NamelessMC template with a sleek design, extremely configurable style, and many features that improve your website.

Note: Aether only supports NamelessMC v2-pre9! It will NOT be updated to pre-10 or future releases!

  • The cheapest premium template on the market (ONLY $4.98 USD!)
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • 100% customizable theme colors (supports any hex or RGB code)
  • Supports all popular modules
  • Less CSS files for lower resource usage
  • High quality support
  • Clear, easy to use, and good looking StaffCP page
  • Everything configurable via a module in the StaffCP
  • Custom, highly configurable portal page design
  • Utilizes Font Awesome 5 for icons
  • Built with Bootstrap
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • You can add favicon, logo, and header background images
  • Toggleable color overlay on the header background image
  • Server and Discord status/users online boxes that can be disabled on mobile
  • Toggleable carousel with up to 5 slides on the home page
  • Ability to change slider description and title text color
  • Customizable background-color
  • Multiple fonts
  • Ability to configure logo height on mobile and other platforms
  • Ability to configure logo margin from top on mobile and other platforms
  • Alerts with custom title and message
  • Announcements with custom title and message
  • Re-designed forum post spoilers (like Hypixel's)
  • Sticky navbar on large screens, not sticky on mobile
  • Tested on 50+ devices using Lamdatest!

  • Forums
  • Vote
  • Forms
  • Members
  • Friends
  • Infractions
  • Buycraft / Tebex
  • Resources
  • Staff
  • Voting Plugin Integration
  • ParticlesJS
  • Rules
  • ChatBox
  • Crafting Store
  • Iframe
  • Suggestions
  • Tickets
  • Wiki

  • EnglishUS
  • EnglishUK
  • Czech
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

No longer available.

Home Page:

Portal Page:

StaffCP Page:

  1. Make sure you have NamelessMC v2! NamelessMC v1 will NOT work!
  2. Unzip the file and upload the contents of the "upload" file straight into your main NamelessMC installation directory (where the folders core, custom, modules, uploads, and cache are)
  3. Head over to StaffCP -> Modules on your website, click the "Install" button
  4. Enable the "Aether" module
  5. Head over to StaffCP -> Templates, click the "Install" button
  6. Enable the "Aether" template by clicking the "Activate" button, and make it default by clicking the "Make Default" button
  7. You're done! Configure the template at StaffCP -> Aether

If you liked Aether please leave a 5-star review!

Contributors: Coldfire
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Total Downloads
First Release
21 Mar 2020
Last Release
17 Mar 2021
v2 Legacy

Version 2.3.0

17 Mar 2021, 20:32



| 2.3.0 | about 1 year ago Minilofe Minilofe

hi I was wondering if you could make a form for users who want to put a server on the list?

| 2.2.1 | over 3 years ago frenk86 frenk86

Love this template. The best template I have used! 

| 2.1.2 | over 3 years ago WhenUHackUNoob WhenUHackUNoob

Pretty good (BEST)

| 2.0.3 | over 4 years ago JuuuJuuu JuuuJuuu


| 2.0.3 | over 4 years ago Arckran Arckran

I recommended this template. Fully customizable. and support is amazing.  

| 1.1.9 | over 4 years ago KazuyaMNF KazuyaMNF

Greath theme and awesome support, I recommend !

| 1.1.6 | over 4 years ago syu syu

Awesome looking theme thats easy to use and setup. Great support on the Discord also! Highly recommend using Aether

| 1.0.2 | over 4 years ago rlv003 rlv003

Great looking theme, easy to use and configure and great and fast support. What else would u want lmao


also cheap$$$

| 1.0.1 | over 4 years ago Joshzen Joshzen