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Bug Notice:

This Panel Template is working as intended. Though, there is an issue in NamelessMC v2 Pre-7 with Panel Templates. If you have issues with nothing happening when you load the template, try to fix it.

To fix this, please change the following files to the updated ones. (Click on the names of the files listed below to visit their updated versions, then change your already existing ones in your namelessmc install to those. Make sure to back up your already existing versions of the files listed below before doing anything.)



If you need more support, feel free to contact me on Discord or contact the NamelessMC Support channel on Discord.

Gradiency Panel Template

A Gradient and dark mode panel template for the NamelessMC v2 StaffCP.

This template is based on the default NamelessMC StaffCP Template.

Gradiency currently supports the following modules:

NamelessMC Voting Plugin Integration - Samerton


Forms module (For 2.0.0 Pr7) - Partydragen


Members List (For v2.0.0 pr7) - Partydragen


Vote Module (For v2.0.0 pr7) - Partydragen


Nameless Infractions Module - Samerton



To install, simply upload the contents of the "upload" folder to your root directory (Where NamelessMC is installed), then visit StaffCP > Layout > Panel Templates, and click install.


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Really simple template, I'm loving it! Thanks for a dark theme :) 

| 1.0.1 | 4 months ago Olley Olley

Finally a dark mode! It looks and feels amazing. Dev was really helpful in solving the issues I had.

| 1.0.0 | 4 months ago TitanGod_ TitanGod_