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IGN: Samerton
By Samerton » about 1 year ago

Version 2.0.0 pre-release 2 is now available! As well as many bugfixes to make it more stable, it also includes long awaited features such as Minecraft integration (plus AuthMe support), a fix to the invalid token issue that's been around since the first pre-release, custom default avatars, a contact form and much more.

The release for new installations can be found here, and if you're running pre release 1 you can update through the AdminCP -> Update tab. Updating from v1 is also possible through the installer, however running the pre-release on a public site is done at your own risk.

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IGN: badbojus
By badbojus » about 1 year ago
Well time to move on v2 :) Was very happy with v1 so far! keep it up!